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The Nari Pon Mystery

nari pon mystery

One of the big mysteries in Thailand is the legend of the Naree Pon or the Tree Women, supposedly female from trees that have perfect form and beauty but are miniature in size.

Legend says that the god Indra created them in a magical forest so as to give a safe refuge to a Prince and his wife. Indra planted 16 of the magical Nareepon Trees and from them came these creatures that were beautiful females. There were two reasons to do this according to legend. The first reason was to catch the randy deities up and when they did mate with the Nareepon they would fall asleep and awake as mortals. The second reason was to protect the Princes wife from such randy deities… seems they were a bit of a pestering bunch back then.

After the Naree pon trees flowered the Naree Pon would be born four days later, all grown up, talking, singing and able to dance. Sadly though in just seven days they would wilt and die and start to shrivel until they were just the size of a fist.

Legend has it that the trees still exist and these two specimens are kept by Luang Pho Jarun at Wat Ampawan In Singburi in Thailand. They say test have been done and they show heart, lungs and other organs but no bones… These two artifacts are kept by Phra Ajarn Dton in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Thailand is filled with legends and sometimes very strange facts, who knows.

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