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The Second Hand Shop

chiang mai second hand shop

If you get off the beaten path a bit in Chiang Mai you can sometimes discover some pretty cool places. The Chiang Mai Second Hand Shop is one of those places that might just be worth a look.

 Depending on what you are looking for, whether you are looking for some cool souvenirs or maybe some house goods, there is nothing but amazing stuff piled to the rafters here.

 Located just south on Chiang Mai Lam Phun Road, it is about a 10 minute drive from the centre of the city. Take a look along the way and you see those huge trees? They were planted years ago and are actually rubber trees that gave shade along the old highway. Pretty huge if you stand back and take a look.

 Mannequins, old bicycles, brass Buddha’s, antique cameras,  wooden carvings, mattresses, cabinets, beer glasses, motorcycles, scooter parts and well…. lots and lots of second hand and recycled things abound.

 Looking for a traditional boat? How about a few tall glasses, cookware, industrial bread mixers? Not a problem. When we went, they had a whole lot of bronzed pants that could be used as planters, golf club holders or something along that line. No doubt the person who came up with this thought it would sell, as you know how popular bronze pants are… and somehow after not selling anywhere they wound up here.

 The trick would be to spend some time, do some digging and I think you could find some pretty cool stuff. Layered in there with the old cutlery, cassette tapes and such are some pretty cool old wood carvings, beautiful furniture and between the old mattresses are some sweet bronze miniatures.

 There is actually some real buried treasures here and if you looking for a place that sells a bit different tourist goods, this would be the place to come.

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Any way that you can post a better map? Or one that can be used with gps… I’ve been looking for this place from the map you provided for days. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

This place is a joke! Went there a couple days ago. It’s a huge warehouse stacked to the roof with old, dirty crap. And the prices! Nearly the same as retail.

I don’t think they really understand the concept of “second hand” in Thailand! 😉

Much better to just use the Facebook groups for second hand Chiang Mai.

Hi Jason! The second hand group on FB is certainly better if you live in Chiang Mai… This second hand shop is more for tourists. I know the place changes weekly, but there was some intersting things there when I was there.

Seems they have increased the prices recently if they were near retail… Back when I wrote this there were some good deals :)

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